Rules v23.04.13

Basic Instance Rules

  • You may not impersonate anyone in a way that exceeds the limitations of legal parody or satire.
  • You may not create bot accounts that automatically
    • Follows
    • Renotes
    • Reacts to
    • or Indexes any information from nonconsenting users.
  • You may not post any content that contains:
    • Queerphobia, racism, or any other form of bigotry.
    • Harassment, libel, cyberbullying, abuse, or encouragement of it.
    • Right-wing, fascist, authoritarian, nationalist propaganda, or anything that promotes it.
    • Any information about our users which they deem personal or have not made publically available.

Possum City reserves the right to terminate any account for any reason we see fit.

If you wish to suggest a rule to be added, removed or modified then please contact us.

Contact us

If you wish to contact us, please send an email to